Organic Products - Proagri Solutions LLC

ProAgri Solutions has a strong integrated supply chain from source till distribution in The US and Canada. We cater all needs of our clients requiring organic ingredients for food, cosmetics and Pharma industries. Our products comprise from organic oils to value added and distribute across North America and South America. All our products are Kosher and Food safety 22000 approved. We represent our suppliers across this continent.

Our core expertise comprises Organic Glycerin, Organic cold pressed oils and value added products used across industries.

ProAgri Solutions is rated amongst top companies by Ecovadis in Ethical and Sustainable business performance.

Our Mission

PAS is the experienced supplier of oils and fats to all diversified industries using highly streamlined logistics, customer service par excellence and products of the highest quality. ProAgri Solution's is a team of technical and experts that provides the means for us to offer the highest value products. At PAS we always strive for the best quality and service in the market place.

Our Vision

ProAgri Solution's prime responsibility is Customers Satisfaction. We do everything to gain & build our customer's loyalty & trust. We always believe in producing high quality products and deliver impeccable customer service by increasing our logistic capabilities and by maintaining competitive pricing. We always service our customer's order timely and accurately.

We are also responsible towards our suppliers with whom we work with. We always respect their dignity and recognize their merit. We always try to build up a sense of trust by which they will be treated fairly.

We always strive to be an excellent business partner among our customer.

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